Mila kunis with his son Demetrius for a walk in Los Angeles

Two-year-old son of Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s a real Charmer!

Мила Кунис с сыном Димитрием на прогулке в Лос-Анджелесе

After the scandalous revelations of demi Moore in which she accused Ashton Kutcher of all mortal sins (read more we wrote about it here), the paparazzi followed the family with increased attention. And journalists and fans waiting for his response. According to rumors, Mila insists that the husband gave an interview with his version of events. And I don’t even like to personally tell you about the experiences of Ashton on this occasion.

However while to heat up the already hot story kunis doesn’t consider it necessary. Instead, the actress enjoys a carefree life mom. The other day Mila found on a walk with his son Demetrius, who in November will mark 3 years. The blond boy, who is becoming more and more like your mother star seems to be already accustomed to scrutiny. The boy firmly held Mila’s hand and smiled.