“Milan” and “inter” will spend the annual budget of the Dynamo for the demolition of the “San Siro”

"Милан" и "Интер" потратят годовой бюджет "Динамо" на снос "Сан-Сиро"

Milan football club “inter” and “Milan” has made a final decision to demolish the stadium “San Siro”, according to Corriere della Sera.

On the site of the legendary arena “Milan” and “inter” are going to build a modern.

The construction of the new stadium will cost the Italian clubs in Euro 605 million. And the demolition of the “Giuseppe Meazza” will cost 45 million, several million more than the annual budget of Kiev “Dynamo”.

It is noteworthy that the new stadium will be able to change the colors. On match days, the Nerazzurri new arena will be painted in black and blue, in the days of the matches of the Rossoneri – the red and black colors.

Note that the new arena “lose weight” from 80 thousand to 60.

The stadium “San Siro” was built in 1925 and reconstructed in 1956 and 1989, respectively. In 1979 the stadium was officially renamed to “Giuseppe Meazza” in honor of the player who was part of the two Italian teams that won the world Championships in 1934 and 1938 respectively.

“San Siro” took the world Cup in 1934 and 1990, TH-80, as well as the finals of the European Cup (1965: FC Internazionale Milano – Benfica and 1970: Feyenoord – Celtic) and the UEFA Champions League (2001: Bayern Munich – Valencia and 2016: real Madrid – Atletico Madrid).

"Милан" и "Интер" потратят годовой бюджет "Динамо" на снос "Сан-Сиро"