“Milan” – “inter” — 0:2: video of goals superderby in Italy

«Милан» – «Интер» — 0:2: видео голов супердерби в Италии

On Saturday, September 21, in the Italian League was superderby between AC Milan and inter, is famous not only on the Apennine Peninsula, but also far beyond its borders. Beginning at 21:45.

It was the 182nd meeting in all competitions in the history of confrontation between the principal contenders. The total number of wins the advantage of inter — 68 vs 57 (57 games ended in a draw).

Despite the irreconcilable rivalry, the teams share one stadium for two. When the owner is Milan, the arena is called the “San Siro”, and when “inter” — “Giuseppe Meazza”. The rostrum has its ardent fans of the clubs: “Rosso-Neri” occupy the Curva Sud (South), and “Nero-Ricardo” — Curva Nord (North).

However, the stadium can accommodate more than 80 thousand spectators, is already outdated (opened in 1925, then renovated twice, in 1958 and 1989), and club leaders have decided to jointly build a new arena. In July was presented the project of the new arena under the name of Scala del Calcio, which will be located in the same neighborhood as the old stadium, and will accommodate 60 thousand spectators. However, the date of start of work yet is not called, because in 2026 Milan and Cortina D’ampezzo take the winter Olympics, and “San Siro” is the arena where will take place solemn opening of the Games.

«Милан» – «Интер» — 0:2: видео голов супердерби в Италии“San Siro” in front of superderby

0:1 — Brozović (“Inter”)

0:2 — Lukaku (Inter)


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