Miley Cyrus confirmed her affair with new boyfriend

26-year-old singer Miley Cyrus shared a photo with her new boyfriend. They found 22-year-old American pop singer Cody Simpson, a longtime friend of Miley.

Майли Сайрус подтвердила роман с новым бойфрендом

They have long been familiar and actively communicated with each other in 2014. But at that time Cody was in a relationship with Gigi Hadid, and crossed the line of simple friendship with Miley. Recently, however, Cyrus and Simpson have repeatedly seen together, and now the couple has made no secret of their feelings to each other. They publicly kiss, watch movies together, she cooks him Breakfast. Moreover, all this is not gossip, Miley herself publish photos of them hanging out in social networks.

In the life of Miley this rapidly developing novel preceded the very recent breakup of a relationship and the beginning of divorce proceedings with the 29-year-old actor Liam Hemsworth. Their relationship from the very beginning developed not just. Cyrus with Hemsworth began Dating in 2009 when they starred together in the movie “the Last song”. But after a year and a half after announcing their engagement in 2012, they broke up. Their affair resumed in 2015, and 3 years later they got married. Soon there were rumors that Miley is pregnant with Liam’s child. However, this information was not confirmed subsequently. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted only 8 months, then suddenly Miley left Liam. And, as he says Hemsworth, he learned about it from social networks, not directly from her. The reason for their separation is still not known, but it seems that Miley, unlike Liam, not a lot of pain.

Cyrus all enjoying his freedom, commenting on this in his Twitter: “I’m an adult and make a choice as knowing the truth/the details/the reality of an adult.” By the way, Miley justifies her behavior by the fact that “men (especially successful ones) almost never ashamed of the large number of women in their lives.” She continued his thought: “They easily switch from one beautiful young woman to another. Talking about them as “legends” and “Heartbreakers”. I’m just trying to survive in a man’s world. If you don’t win, you need to be as they are.” Does this mean that Cody is not yet the final choice, time will tell.