Miley Cyrus had surgery on his vocal cords

American surgeons have performed Miley Cyrus surgery on his vocal cords. As reported by foreign media, the procedure was successful, but the artist will rehabilitation.

Майли Сайрус сделали операцию на голосовых связках

That Miley Cyrus is having problems with vocal cords, she learned not so long ago, but they existed for many years. In October, the artist was in a medical facility with sinusitis. During treatment, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the paranasal sinuses revealed that the singer has other health problems. Surgery was recommended in the near future. In November, Miley Cyrus went under the knife of surgeons.

Currently, the American celebrity is at home. After discharge from the hospital Miley Cyrus forced to remain silent. Next to the artist is her new boyfriend. Cody Simpson always tries to help his beloved as soon as possible to recover. By the way, now it became clear why Cyrus was previously reported in social networks that will be forced to have a break.