Miley Cyrus turned even her friend

Elsa Pataky, the wife of Chris Hemsworth, the older brother of ex-husband Miley Cyrus — Liam recently spoke out sharply against the singer, which until recently she thought was her friend. Elsa spoke about Miley: “She’s great and I like her a lot fun.” Their friendship bonded even had the same tattoos in the form of the oncoming sea waves. Now from sympathy Pataki to Cyrus and left no trace. As admitted in the days of Elsa, she genuinely sympathizes with Liam and doesn’t approve of the behavior of the 26-year-old Miley.

Oт Майли Сайрус отвернулась даже ее подруга

We will remind that in August of this year, just eight months after their wedding, Miley unexpectedly left her husband. Liam, who was devoted to his beloved all 10 years of their difficult romance, hard took this parting. And Cyrus is already two months after the announcement of the divorce spun a new novel.”After that he devoted 10 years, Liam a little depressed, but he’s doing well,” admitted Pataki in an interview with Hola! And continued: “He is strong and deserves so much better.” Fans of the 26-year-old actress took this statement at the expense of his favorite, in the sense that she does not deserve Liam.

Incidentally, this observation might be prompted by recent statements of both the Cyrus and Cody Smith — new boyfriend of Miley that were taken to address 29-year-old Hemsworth. “I am extremely romantic! As Miley says, she has never had a boyfriend,” boasted Cody. And the Cyrus has admitted that he considered all men as “bad,” until he met Smith. These attacks and shots in the direction of Hemsworth, have publicly voiced what was perceived by fans of the actor as blatant indiscretion. The situation is even more aggravated the flow combines candid photos of the new lovers, who Miley was published in the Social Network. In that time, Liam was so bad that he was forced to temporarily move to live in the house older brother Chris in Australia to recover…