Miley Cyrus was almost the victim of a mad fan

Of course, all celebrities sooner or later begin to haunt zealous fans, but in the case of Cyrus it could end really sad, reports the with reference to

Майли Сайрус чуть не стала жертвой безумного фаната

At a music festival in Las Vegas, the bodyguards of the singer have detained 42-year-old David Ramsey, who has already put in the black list due to threats against the pop star. According to insiders, fan said that the main mission in life is to impregnate Miley Cyrus. He also added that he is going to resurrect Michael Jackson and Prince to Miley could have some fun.

“Waiting for your concert, Miley. I hope we can meet up before him. I’ll take the room where you wish”

After Ramsey was detained bodyguard of the singer, he was handed over to the police, now the man is in custody.

Add that to a mentally ill fan attracted attention after a series of tweets, published a week before the concert, Cyrus. He asked forgiveness of the girl for hurting her, blamed all the troubles of Donald trump, and hinted that after appearances in Vegas with Miley they will have a party with Michael Jackson, Tupac and Prince. After these frightening messages the organizers of the event handed out a photo of Ramsey all service personnel and urged them to be alert.