Milla Jovovich spoke candidly about family life

43-year-old Milla Jovovich is preparing for the birth of the third child. Together with her husband, 54-year-old filmmaker Paul Anderson, she has two daughters, 12-year-old ava and four-year Dashiel, and after a while the girls could be the third sister (Milla and Paul are waiting for the emergence of another daughter). In a recent podcast violet Benson Milla told about his family life.

Милла Йовович откровенно рассказала о семейной жизни

The actress admitted that now her two daughters, as in early childhood, love to sleep in the same room with their parents.

99 percent of people on the planet sleeps the same way. When you leave the West, go, for example, in Thailand or Africa, you notice that it’s normal. In some villages the children sleep with their parents and grandparents in the same room… When we are working with Paul, we do not see children until the end of the day, so our family is so important to be together at least at night, ‘ said Milla in an interview.

According to star, this neighborhood with children is reflected in the personal life of the parents.

We no longer have sex in bed. What do in this situation? Once a week to arrange a date in the hotels where you’re going without children. It is very important to be alone and alone in addition, we have a large dressing room. It is spacious and soundproof. When the kids go to bed, I can light candles in the dressing room, lay the cushions. This is amazing. Cave of love. So I was pregnant with the second child — said Jovovich.

Milla Jovovich and Paul Anderson were married on 22 August 2009 after seven years of the novel.