Millie Bobby brown presented her beauty with brand new hair color

The star of “strange Affairs” Millie Bobby brown launched her cosmetics line for skin care by Florence Mills. The presentation took place on Saturday in London. However, in the event, the actress surprised everyone not only products of their brand, but also a new hair color.

Милли Бобби Браун представила свой бьюти-бренд с новым цветом волос

Millie decided to change his image and become a blonde. 15-year-old actress said that for the sake of transformation called for two compartments: in the first one she built up dark hair and the second was screened. The presentation updated the image of the young star complemented the dress with a floral print and shoes on a small heel.

Many fans have long pointed out that the 15-year-old Millie always looks older than his years. It is not surprising that new hair color of the actress has caused not only admiration, but also bewilderment. “She looks like she’s 34,” wrote a subscriber in the comments in Instagram. Some gave her not so much, but still noted that so Millie looks at least 5 years older. “Why Millie looks here like a woman? And I’m older than she is, but I look 13?” ― asked one of the fans. All worried that the new look old Milly still stronger.

However, most liked the transformation of the actress. Under the photo of Millie in Instagram, there were hundreds of enthusiastic comments from fans. Some even said that are jealous of her thick hair. “Natural and real. Continue in the same spirit,” wrote one of the subscribers.

Recall that the release of its own line of cosmetics Millie announced in late August. Her beauty brand by Florence Mills meets all the requirements of vegans and environmentalists, because cosmetics are not tested on animals and contains no animal ingredients.