Millionaire chefs can contribute more, says GND

Millionaire chefs can contribute more, says GND


ROUYN-NORANDA – François Legault, Dominique Anglade and Éric Duhaime can contribute a larger amount to the tax, estimates Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, after seeing the net assets revealed by all the chiefs on Tuesday.  

“That Ms. Anglade, Mr. Legault, Mr. Duhaime are millionaires, that does not bother me. It is not a problem in itself to be a millionaire in life. The question that must be asked is: can these people contribute a little more to society, because they have a little more money? Me, my answer is yes,” said the spokesperson for Québec solidaire, on the sidelines of an announcement on culture in Rouyn-Noranda. 

All the chefs unveiled a balance sheet of their assets on Tuesday morning, at the invitation of Cogeco. Liberal leader Dominique Anglade tops the list with assets of $12.5 million, jointly with her husband. CAQ chief François Legault declared assets of $7.8 million. Éric Duhaime speaks of assets of $3.74 million, but it is not clear whether these are net assets or before deduction of mortgages. 

Follow Paul St-Pierre Plamondon ($410,450 net) and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois ($104,285). 

Québec solidaire raised a bit of controversy last week by proposing a 35% inheritance tax exceeding $1 million. A supportive government would also impose an annual tax of 0.1% on net assets between $1 and $10 million. This represents $1,000 per million$ after the first million$. 

François Legault called the proposal “orange taxes”. 

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois says that these additional amounts are necessary to finance the fight against climate change and better finance the health system. 

He asks the three chiefs who declare assets of more than $1 million.&nbsp ;

“Do they believe they could do more to protect the environment and fix the health care system?” he asks. 

More details will follow.