Millions of iPhone under threat hacking: fraudsters have found a new way to steal data

A vulnerability in the operating system, millions of iPhone and iPad is under threat of hacking. About it writes BBC.

Миллионы iPhone под угрозой взлома: мошенники нашли новый способ кражи данных

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In the study ZecOps that deals with cyber security, said that hackers can carry out attacks through a bug in the app “Mail”.

The attackers sent the victims a blank email, and when they opened it, the program “hung out”, forcing the holders to restart the device. During the reboot, the hackers had access to data on the smartphone or tablet.

The victims of hackers who used this vulnerability to have had at least six “high level people” say in ZecOps.

In particular, we are talking about the representatives of one of the richest companies in the United States, the head of the Japanese mobile operator and European journalist.

An Apple spokesperson in comments to Reuters has said that the problem will fix it in the nearest version of the software.

ZecOps informed Apple about the vulnerability in March. In the company of her knew nothing.

It is believed that Apple is more secure than devices from other manufacturers.

Feature discovered a method of hacking is that victims do not have to download any software or visit malicious sites.