Milovanov admitted to Smoking marijuana in the USA

Милованов признался в курении марихуаны в США

The Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Tymofiy mylovanov admitted to Smoking marijuana during his training for the doctoral program in the United States.

He told about it in interview to the program “will be located next interv Yu” on TV channel “Direct”, transfer Ukrainian news.

“I’ll tell you honestly, I smoked a cigarette 7 times in my life. This is when I dare take in school… But marijuana, say, well, it is illegal to smoke, depending on the state… marijuana I never smoked, though it was easy at school or University. But you know where I smoked it, and only there? This is when I was in graduate school was, doctor,” said Milovanov.

However, he said that many Americans-doctoral students smoke marijuana on a regular basis, but said that the drugs had on him the expected effect.

“Smoking, by not Smoking,” said Milovanov.

Milovanov said that he first left the United States in late 1999 for study at the doctorate program in Wisconsin.

He also said that he was married to Christine kampani, whom he met in USA, she belonged to the subculture ready.

The Minister said that he lived with her, married 4 years, children weren’t with her, and at the moment they maintain relations.

In addition, Milovanov told that he went every year in dance cruise from Miami with his friend, a native of Zimbabwe.

Thus, according to him, a salsa lesson worth up to $ 120 per hour.

Milovanov said that 40-50% of their American wages were sent to pension funds, so at the moment he estimates his fortune at $ 1 million he had saved for 8 years, being professors in U.S. universities.