Milovanov announced positive developments in the economy

In General, the economic situation in Ukraine “looks very good”.

Милованов озвучил позитивные факты в экономике

As the Censor.NO, this is the Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture Tymofiy mylovanov wrote on the page in Facebook.

“Around zrada. So hard to live. Add a little bit positive. Facts.

1. In Davos, the President announced a package of attractive conditions for investors. These terms apply to Ukrainian and foreign investors. Investors of $ 100 million will receive a personal “guardian” from the government. They will also have the opportunity to sign a separate agreement with the government of Ukraine, which will discuss the benefits, the conditions and commitments from the government and the investor. For example, if necessary, the government can build a station BONDS or to guarantee the connection to the energy infrastructure. Next, participants in the privatization of enterprises from 10 million dollars — 5-year tax holidays for profit tax. Also, rapid return on investment in upgrading from 2 to 5 years, instead of 10 and 12. And finally, the new international arbitration for investors to resolve disputes.

2. In the fall the world Bank has improved its forecast for economic growth in Ukraine from 3% to 3.7% in 2020 (projections for most countries has not changed or revised downwards).

3. Approved at the working level program with the IMF.

4. Attracted external borrowings under the lowest interest rates in the history of independence borrowed 1.25 billion euros at 4,375% per annum (last year it was 6.75% in the year). This allows to save 2 million a day in debt service — funds for socio-economic development.

5. Macroeconomic stability: 4,1% — inflation (5-year minimum) and 25.3 billion dollars in international reserves (7-year high) public debt fell to 52% — compared to 80% in 2016; economic growth in the Ukraine to 2019: 3,6 — 4,2% in comparison with the average level of 2.5% in the world. (Yes, in my opinion you need a more loose monetary policy — low rate and high rate. But everything else looks very good).

6. Successfully passed the first two of the concession tender. “Recoil-Kherson” will invest about UAH 300 million (liabilities). The application assumes the high rate variable concession payment, which amount will be UAH 12 million. at the same time and 7% of revenue annually. In addition, the winner will invest over UAH 18 million in local infrastructure.
QTerminals, a leading port operator in Qatar, invests in Olbia: annual concession fees — 82 million; liabilities — 3.4 billion hryvnia (over 5 years) funds for the development of local infrastructure — UAH 80 million.

7. A critical problem of the economy of Ukraine is a very small investment in development and lack of modernization. We want 2020 was the year of full recovery of crediting and investments. Therefore, the investment package of initiatives from the President. But we also need to create opportunities for small businesses. So, in February launched a program of available credit for business 5-7-9. This is only the first step of a large program of available credit. In the fall we plan to come up with a mortgage at 10-12 per annum.”