Milovanov has explained why Ukrainians will be deprived of subsidies

If the court proves that the person worked without official registration of labor relations and received a subsidy, the right to grant he was taken away. It is envisaged by the new draft law “On labour”.

Милованов объяснил, почему украинцев будут лишать субсидий

This was written by the Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture of Ukraine Tymofiy mylovanov on his page in Facebook, commenting on criticism of the law of the organization “vanguard”.

“In several cities hanging posters with criticism of the new labour bill. What is criticized in this poster? It is written in a small font at the bottom,” writes the Minister.

According to Milovanov, at the moment in Ukraine, many people work informally and do not show their real income to get additional money from the budget in the form of subsidies.

“This is wrong. It’s not fair. Because of the subsidy we all pay to you, via taxes. And subsidies should go to those who are financially vulnerable. Someone doesn’t like that now will be harder to cheat the government and society to hide their income,” – said the Minister.