Milovanov has explained why women are paid less than men

Women spend more time for home and family, therefore have less time to develop skills and career.

Милованов объяснил, почему женщины получают меньшую зарплату, чем мужчины

Former Minister of economy, trade and agriculture Tymofiy mylovanov, citing data from the state statistics service reported that women receive an average of 22-23% lower wages than men. About it, on Sunday, March 8, he wrote on his page in Facebook.

According to the former Minister, have a tendency to have reasons.

In particular, according to him, for the same job women are paid less, but it is possible to prove and to appeal in the courts.

Also in companies, where the pay is higher, the owners or top management prefer men. Milovanov says it is “a purely theoretical possibility.”

“Culture and stereotypes in the society prefer men in advancing in your career. Thus, in senior positions with large salaries becomes more men. I think this is potentially possible as hypothesis”, he wrote.

Also, according to Milovanov, women spend more time in domestic work and therefore have less time for skill development and career

“If so, then public policy and the modernization of the labour market can help to fix this problem,” — says the former official.

In addition, Milovanov wrote that there is “typically male” positions and “typically female”.

“Typical male occupations have higher wages. I personally do not believe in “typically male” and “typically female” posts. But I suppose that society can believe that stuff, especially when it comes to leadership positions,” he said.