Milovanov offered to pay 5 thousand hryvnias every month quarantine

Ukrainians who have lost their jobs because of the quarantine, ex-Minister of economy of Ukraine Tymofiy mylovanov offered to pay 5 thousand hryvnias every month quarantine.

Милованов предложил выплачивать по 5 тысяч гривен каждый месяц карантина

As the Wave passes, this he wrote on his Facebook page.

According to Milovanov, in Austria, the Czech Republic and the UK dismissed the citizens pay for the care of 80% of their salary.

“The average salary in Ukraine is around 10-11 thousand. The number of labor force 17.4 million people. Suppose 5 million people (30% of the workforce) will need support. And the state will pay, say, 80% of wages in developed countries and 50% of 5 thousand UAH”, – suggested the former Minister.

In this case, according to the calculations Milovanova, total expenditure will amount to UAH 25 billion per month. In that case the quarantine will last 3-4 months, the cost will increase to 100 billion.

In addition to this, the former Minister urged the government to increase support to citizens and businesses.

“Developed countries offer packages of business support and people at the level of 5-10% of GDP (USA, Canada, UK, EU, Australia). In Ukraine 10% of GDP, which is about 400 billion UAH”, – he said.

According to Milovanova in Ukraine, the size of the support remains insufficient and should be increased.