Milovanov: the epidemic of coronavirus can affect the economy of Ukraine

The Minister of economy Milovanov commented on the possible impact of the epidemic of the coronavirus in the growth of Ukraine’s economy, she told about it during a briefing on 26 February, according to LB.UA

Милованов: эпидемия коронавируса может повлиять на экономику Украины

Says Tymofiy mylovanov, the virus may moderately affect the economy of the Ukrainian state. According to the Minister, according to several estimates, the slowdown in China’s GDP could be 0.5-0.8 percentage points compared to the year 2019, and in the case of the global economy on 0,1-0,3.

The main channel of influence on Ukraine can be changes in the volume and structure of foreign trade, since the epidemic may have an impact but this point.

“We export goods to China, our exports account for 45% of GDP, of which 7.2% of the total volume of goods is the share of Ukrainian exports to China. This 2.8% . Of these 7% a third of them are ores and concentrates of iron. The rest is corn, sunflower oil. In corn and oil can be even greater demand. — the Minister said.