Milovanov told how to check the origin of the money to buy the land

The Minister of Economics Tymofiy mylovanov told how to check the origin of the money to the Ukrainians for the purchase of land after the start of the land market in Ukraine. According to him, the bill, which on 6 February, Parliament began to consider in the second reading, there is a “fuse”.

Милованов рассказал, как будут проверять происхождение денег на покупку земли

First, the regulator in Ukraine is already there – the Gosgeokadastr. He was corrupt, we now have cleaned“, – said the head of Ministry of Economics in the air of Espreso TV.

According to Milovanov, one of the “fuse” is that to pay for the purchase of land should only be paid electronically.

“How to track the source of the money: or the person shows how he earned, or company, or it borrows money, credit, financial monitoring is automatically activated and scans all connected persons, to avoid illicit enrichment or unlawful source of money“, – concluded the Minister.