Mined the room and tried to disrupt the concert in the Amounts ganged up on Oleg winnick (photo)

Заминировали зал и пытались сорвать концерт: в Суммах ополчились на Олега Винника (фото)

The scandal around the participation of popular Ukrainian singer Oleg winnick in the clip with the Russian stars and remarks about the Crimea is reflected in his live performances. The first performance of a big tour of the artist in the cities of Ukraine has not done without scandal. Patriotic activists of party “Democratic axe” and “Right sector” in the Amounts staged a protest in front of the sports arena, demanding to cancel the performance. People came to the rally with placards “cream — TSE Ukraina”, “Vucic not VVC”, “tai-tai. Patriotism day” and brooms.

Заминировали зал и пытались сорвать концерт: в Суммах ополчились на Олега Винника (фото)

The Association understand winnick is the broom, which passes Ukraine step by step, step by step. We fought and defended the country, such as winnick supported the Russian world and the question who answered m-m, Makar?”, — said Vadim Cherniavsky, Chairman of the Union anti-terrorist operation “Granit”.

The head of the regional center of “Right sector” believes that Oleg Vinnik — not just an artist, he is a public person, has been involved in the political process, campaigning for one of the parties. “To make such statements, I don’t know who and there not killed anybody, and that he actually belongs to Russia — it is at least inappropriate,” — said Sergey Suprun.

However, the action was not massive fans winnik quietly passed into the hall. The concert started on time. But literally after 20 minutes, the performance had to be interrupted. The police received a signal that the building is mined.

Заминировали зал и пытались сорвать концерт: в Суммах ополчились на Олега Винника (фото)

Police and cynologists have checked the arena for explosives and half an hour later the concert was continued. At the same time people had to be evacuated.

Oleg Vinnik has not commented on the incident. Before the concert on the page in Instagram he published a video in which he admitted that eagerly awaits the meeting with the audience.

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Publication of Oleg Vinnik (Olegg Vynnyk) (@olegg.vynnyk) October 3, 2019 at 9:24 PDT

We will remind, Oleg Vinnik caught in a scandal because of involvement in a Russian propaganda clip #the Vsemmire. For this, the singer landed in the base of the “Peacemaker”. Later, Oleg was trying to defend himself, and landed in a new scandal because of the statements about the Crimea and its status.

On a new round of scandal winnick responded with a press conference. At the meeting with journalists, the singer apologized for remarks about the Crimea, “strange war” and declared his Patriotic position. He assured that the video is in Russian the video was used without his knowledge. He agreed to participate in the campaign exclusively to the International day of peace.

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