Miners of DTEK Energy reported for 2019: produced over 22 million tons of coal

Miners of DTEK Energy reported about results of work for last year. Coal mining enterprises of the company produced 22.4 million tons of coal. This fuel added to the warehouses of thermal power plants of the company and ensured the stable operation of the power system of Ukraine.

Шахтеры ДТЭК Энерго отчитались за 2019 год: добыто более 22 млн тонн угля

For the 12 months of last year, coal production at DTEK Pavlogradugol was 18.2 million tonnes of coal, DTEK Dobropolyeugol – 4.2 million tons of coal. To ensure coal mining in the mines of the company put into operation 36 new love.

“Ukrainian coal and electricity – the key to energy independence of our country, – said General Director of DTEK Energy Dmytro Sakharuk. – The more we use our own fuel, the less dependent on foreign resource. And it directly affects the reliability of the power system and security of supply of electricity to consumers. High production levels is the result of work of our miners and investment company. For the 12 months of last year, we invested 3.8 billion hryvnia to coal companies”.