Ministry of economy predicts in 2020, over 68 million tons of grain in Ukraine

Минэкономики прогнозирует в 2020г более 68 млн тонн зерновых в Украине

The Ministry of economic development and trade and of agriculture expect the grain harvest in Ukraine in 2020 on the level of more than 68 million tonnes, against the previously announced forecast of 65-68 mln tonnes.

“We expect more than 68 million tons of the grain harvest. At first we had a more conservative forecast, we believe that productivity can be higher.

Mi for this year projected 20 million tons of oilseeds – sunflower, soybean, rapeseed, 9 million tons of sugar beet, 20 million tons of potatoes and 9 million tons of vegetables,” — said the Minister of economic development, trade and agriculture of Ukraine Igor Petrashko at a briefing on Tuesday.

Thus, according to him, the economy Ministry predicts changes in the rate of grain exports for the next season and expects it to be at the current level.

In the Parliament introduced a number of amendments to the budget code

“Carryover stocks, as we promised, until the end of June will be up to 1.5 million tonnes of wheat”, — the Minister added.

Petrashko also confirmed his intention to sign with the participants of the grain market of the Memorandum on export for the next season, which will determine the level of minimum residues of the main crops.