Ministry of Finance has issued the order of application of cash registers in the smartphone

The Ministry of Finance published the draft of normative-legal acts related to regulation of software use of payment transactions recorders (PPO).

Министерство финансов обнародовало порядок применения кассовых аппаратов в смартфоне

Documents are available in the section “drafts of regulatory acts for discussion in 2019” on the website of the Ministry of Finance, reports Biznestsentr.

In particular, changes in the order of the Ministry of Finance dated 14 June 2016 No. 547, which proposed to establish a new order:

The procedure of registration, keeping the register and application of the program of payment transactions;

The procedure for determining the range, issuing, reserving, using fiscal numbers assigned to the electronic payment documents during the program of payment transactions offline.

It also published draft amendments to the regulations on the form and content of settlement documents, approved by the Ministry of Finance dated 21 January 2016 No. 13.

“These projects developed pursuant to the act of 20 September No. 128 in terms of ensuring the possibility of use in the implementation of settlement operations software registrars of settlement operations”, – said the press service of the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry of Finance plans to approve the draft documents after receiving comments and suggestions from the public and their processing together with the participants of the working group on development of normative-legal acts on RRO, coordination with relevant ministries and agencies.

As reported, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in September and signed by President Vladimir Zelensky, the law provides that all physical persons-entrepreneurs 2-4 groups of the simplified tax system are required before 1 January 2021 to establish the payment transactions recorders (PPO). Under the new law, the introduction of software RRO is classic and regulate the use of electronic cheque.

According to the head of the State tax service Sergei Villanova, STS electronic payment transactions will be free, so the Ukrainian entrepreneurs will not have to spend extra money on cash registers.