Minsk increases military presence on the border with Lithuania in response to the deployment of tanks USA (PHOTO)

Belarus intends to increase the number of ground troops on the Lithuanian direction after the country’s President Alexander Lukashenko received the report of the Ministry of defence on military-political situation, risks, challenges and threats.

“We will take measures to strengthen the Belarusian state border, increased the number of ground troops on the Lithuanian direction”, – said the defense Minister Andrei Ravkov.

Belarus is taking these measures in connection with the deployment of us armored vehicles in Lithuania near the Belarusian border, and a spring 2020 large-scale NATO exercises Defender of Europe. “These will be measures for the control arms, sending inspection teams in the neighboring territory, to strengthen the tasks of exploration,” said Still.

The Minister also informed that apart from the military component taking a number of information and diplomatic measures. As stated by the head of the defense Ministry, will “acutely raise the question about the presence of NATO forces near Belarusian borders.”

In October, Lithuania was transferred to the battalion of the Armed forces of the United States, comprising about 500 soldiers, 30 Abrams tanks and 25 infantry fighting vehicles Bradley.

This unit is placed on the ground in Pabrade, 15 km from Belarusian border.

Exercises Defender of Europe 2020 will be held in April – may 2020. They will participate in 18 States, they will be held in 10 European countries, including neighboring Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

In connection with the planned NATO exercises Defender of Europe, and taking into account the current situation in the region Belarus and Russia will process the application of the regional grouping and plan to conduct joint exploration.
“These measures are absolutely appropriate to the activities carried out on neighbouring areas. They will allow us to respond and to keep constant control of this situation”, – quotes Reuters words of the head of the defense Ministry of Belarus.

Ravkov assured the Belarusian and international community that the Armed forces of Belarus, engaging routinely in their daily activities, will ensure labor peace and protect its people.