Miracles and money: how to earn American Santa Claus during the holidays

Santa Claus in shopping malls in the midst of the holidays can make from 240 to 600 dollars a day, writes Fox Business.

Чудеса и деньги: сколько зарабатывают американские Санта-Клаусы в праздники

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At the end of the festive season Santa Claus from shopping malls and Department stores across the country can turn the Christmas tree real money tree thanks to its impressive revenues. Some even manage to earn five-digit salaries for two months, making a part-time job Santa highest paid holiday work.

The average hourly wage for a interactive Santa is about $ 30, according to data collected by PayScale project in 2017. However, the study indicated that skilled Santa can earn up to $ 75 per hour. It is from 240 to 600 dollars a day for 8 hours depending on skill level and experience of each Santa.

Job listings for Mrs Claus on Glassdoor and Indeed show that the wife of Santa can earn from 17 up to $ 20 per hour. From Christmas elves also have a variable wage rate, which could reach about $ 11 per hour, according to filings on the Backstage, which greatly depends on the region.

Since the role of Santa in many ways gives her by the semblance of Royal power in Christmas, this is a very coveted position. But to be fun to be Santa Claus is harder than some people think. There are employers that require a genuine white beard and rotund figure, that knocks from the ranks of candidates candidates unable to cope with these issues.

Beyond aesthetics, as noted by PayScale, a separate Santa’s that have unique abilities, or offer a complete holiday package, can increase their wages. For example, Santa, who knows more than one language or sign language is a special value for places where there are Christmas events. Other valuable skills include knowledge quizzes Santa, as well as knowledge of pop culture, such as seasonal toys or the show, which is a lot of talk.

There is a Santa Claus who receive special education in order to succeed. School of Santa Claus, Charles W. Howard, founded in 1937, is the most long-running school of its kind in the country. For 500-525 USD in school in Michigan take about 300 new and returning students.

According to PayScale, the highest paying Santa Claus for 40 days earn more than $ 20,000.

Those who earn $ 600 a day, as mentioned earlier, the total income can reach 24 000 dollars if they work as Santa’s standard 40-hour week for 8 weeks. Santa, who earn an average of $ 240 a day, in the same period and bring home up to 9600 dollars.

It also does not account for the potential payment of output that can be used in Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or Christmas.