Miranda Kerr has revealed the name of his newborn son

Miranda Kerr gave his first interview after the birth of their third child. Although rumors that the model gave birth to, began to spread a few days ago, before a 36-year-old Kerr nor her husband Evan Spiegel, did not confirm that they again became parents. But at the same time she announced the gender and name of their baby.

Миранда Керр раскрыла имя своего новорожденного сына

“We are extremely excited about what our son joined our family. Evan is incredibly excited about the light of our miles, and I want to thank everyone for their support and good wishes to our address!” said Miranda, about the pregnancy, which became known in March this year, in an interview with People.

However, as acknowledged by Kerr, this pregnancy was not easy, as indeed the first two. “I suffered from extremely strong morning sickness. Besides, part of the time I spent on bedrest, which I was prescribed by the doctor after I pinched a nerve in my neck. Of course, all women experience pregnancy differently. I turned so that I was all three times was suffering from constant nausea and mood swings. However, with the nausea I have learned to cope — with very small but constant snacking. Besides, I found that really helps me is ginger tea. I cooked it myself — I added fresh ginger in hot water and have supplemented it with a small amount of honey and lemon!” — said Kerr.

We will remind, in addition to toddler miles from Kerr has two more sons.The father of the older 8-year-old Flynn — Orlando bloom, former husband of Miranda. But medium 17-month-old HART, she gave birth, when I became the wife of Evan Spiegel.