Misha Romanova was published in the company of a prominent businessman

Misha Romanov called for the opening of a new restaurant in Kyiv in the company of a prominent businessman.

Миша Романова вышла в свет в компании известного бизнесмена

October 30 Kiver opened a new restaurant in the complex QUEEN, which brought together many public personalities. Among them — eks-“VIA Gra” Misha Romanov, who at this event spoke with Katya Osadchaya and told about the pregnancy, son, and breast augmentation. In addition, the singer said that the father of the son she broke up, but about the personal life refused to talk. However, fans of the actress I suspect that now she’s Dating successful Russian restaurateur Aleksandr Orlov.

The reason for such rumors became their General appearance at the opening of the restaurant, where even during the holiday dinner they were sitting at the same table. However, all this is just speculation of the fans, because Misha and Alexander does not hurry with the comments.