Mishina and the cat acted worse and worse: Pit criticized winners “Tanzu s with a stars” (photo)

Мишина и Кот выступали все хуже и хуже: Яма раскритиковал победителей «Танців з зірками» (фото)

The third season of the project “Tantsi z with a stars” ended with the victory of pair Ksenia Mishina and Eugene the Cat. In second place was Anna Rizatdinova and Alexander Prokhorov. The third step took Victoria Bulitko and Dmitry Dikusar. In an exclusive interview with the “FACTS” the permanent judge of the show, the famous dancer Vlad Yama criticized the winners, name your favorite number and confessed, will once again participate in the project.

— Overall the season was, ‘said Vlad Yama. – However, it is difficult to say whether it was stronger compared to the previous. But by far — more diverse, more colorful and more openly. There was a lot of emotional, and daring performances. Personally, I was to be surprised. Not once.

— Sorry, that someone from participants has not reached the final?

— If to speak about the three finalists, then potentially there could be MARUV or People of Barbir. Is Vicki Bulitko. But, anyway, the ending still had to be female.

— So, Vladimir Ostapchuk did not reach to him?

— Think dance — no. And it’s not even that this season men star was weak. Just in the past he was incredibly strong — Makatsaria, Swallow, Vishnyakov. If every season so…

— Did you expect that will win a pair of Ksenia Mishina and Genis Cat?

— Expect that all will go like that. It was an internal expectation that the Xenia, the audience will vote better than Anya. Although the dance is, of course, Anya and Sasha deserved that Cup a little more.

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To some extent, for the victory of Kseniya and Eugene influenced, of course, fans of the Cat. But, I think, largely still a fine acting skills Ksenia Mishina. And, of course, her life story.

Мишина и Кот выступали все хуже и хуже: Яма раскритиковал победителей «Танців з зірками» (фото)

Because this project is not only about the dancing?

— Definitely! However, like any project in which the decision is made by the viewer. Professional skills — is not a sufficient cause for victory. Works and history that form the image of the hero.

— This season you and themselves out on the floor along with a couple of Anne of Rizatdinova.

— It was perfect! I had a blast! But, actually, we have that goal and put. Wanted to make fresh and different from what it was before. Just to dilute the atmosphere of struggle, competition, and sometimes scandals on the floor. I think we made it happen.

Мишина и Кот выступали все хуже и хуже: Яма раскритиковал победителей «Танців з зірками» (фото)

— You have a favorite number for all time of the season?

Is the Rumba Ani Rizatdinova she danced in the final. It was very cool. And frankly, sometimes even I did not have enough courage to imagine something like that in real life. And they did it on the floor! In General, the impression remains.

— It seems to complete the experience on the floor is still not enough MARUV.

— Potentially Yes, but now difficult to say. It lasted a few esters, and it was very good, but what would happen to her on a matter. In that moment, when she left, I was sure that she had yet to dance. Although in the course of the project, all could change.

By the way, Ksenia Mishina I had such a feeling of some incompleteness. It pair very well started. The first four or five broadcasts I was absolutely confident in their victory and wishes. But every time Kate Kuhar calmed my fire, saying that not everything is so good and perfect. As it turned out in the end, she was right. By the middle of the project Xenia and Eugene ceased to amaze me so much as in the beginning. In my opinion, the last three or four ether they were getting worse and worse. The winners should not be!

— Maybe just exhausted from a long marathon?

— I think the reason that became more of a ballroom dance. The differences in technical level Ani and Xenia became apparent. This was evident in our estimates.

But Anya was initially better prepared than the other participants.

— In terms of technique and coordination — I agree. But in the acting — everything is exactly the opposite. Many of the dances of Xenia was much easier to show the way, and this was the decisive moment. Does the gym only interfere.

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— What helped the wick of Bulitko to reach the final, despite the fact that she is clearly dancing was not given?

— I agree that the Wiki was a specific coordination, which is not very suitable for dancing. And in any style she looked plus or minus the same. But judging by the fact that they pair with Dima Dicesare never was in the category, they liked the audience.

— Maybe voted admirers of Dicesare?

I doubt that. Vick is really the people’s favorite. Moreover, spectators of the project identify themselves with the characters of the show, and many saw themselves in Vick. Then it becomes clear what happened.

— Such a pair is always needed in the season. Remember Dima Komarov, Lesya Nikityuk.

— Although at first I thought that this role claim Mike Kukuk, but I was mistaken.

— By the way, judging by the comments of Dicesare, giving the impression that you long competition.

I don’t know what may be between the participant and the judge of the project. Just everyone is doing their job, and it should be good. But to give advice to judges in the plots not very well. As for us, we evaluated two members of the pair. And sometimes professional can, how is Dima, I had to dance modern choreography, which was a stranger to them. Therefore, if a participant looked this ridiculous, and to ignore it was impossible.

— Your review many are waiting for. If there is a fourth season…

— Love to go. I especially liked the ending of the season. Sometimes felt quite pleased with themselves, and it happens to me quite rarely.


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