Mishina and the cat performed an energetic Jive to the hit Verka Serduchka

Only in the eighth live of the project “Dances with stars z”, the theme of which was “Battle for life”, made by Ksenia Mishina and Eugene the cat.

Мишина и Кот исполнили энергичный джайв под хит Верки Сердючки

So, because today, the participants demonstrate on the floor only a ballroom dancing program, the couple went to a rousing Jive they sang the hit Verka Serduchka “All is well”.

On the court, the actress appeared in a leopard dress and bright makeup.

Judges of the project, joined by the legendary choreographer Gregory Chapkis, noted that the dance was funny, but not peculiar for a couple.

“That’s amazing, actress and professional dancer, and dance equally. This is a pair of God. However, you haven’t danced the Jive, you danced acrobatic rock-n-roll, Boogie-woogie. It was a little Jive,” said legendary Chapkis.

And Catherine Kuhar generally called their Jive “bagulnik”.

Thus, the sum of the scores from four judges, they received 35 points.

We will note, in today’s broadcast couple who fall in the risk zone, will fight for the chance to stay in the project. They will have to demonstrate the dance, which will be a surprise for them. The decision which of them will continue to have judges evaluating technical training pairs.

We will remind, voting for favorites lasted a whole week, so applicants who can leave the show may change. The audience can actively support their favorite couples, in order to save the idols.