Miss and Coco inaugurates a new boutique in Quebec

Mlle et Coco inaugurates a new boutique in Quebec City


Reusing children's and maternity clothes is the mission of a Quebec company that is contributing to saving the planet.  

Toddlers grow so fast that they barely have time to wear out their clothes. It is therefore with a view to reducing waste that Patricia Benoist-Bouchard launched, with her mother Guylaine, the first Mlle et Coco boutique in Cap-Rouge in 2015.  

“We have evolved over time. We took it one step at a time, trying to minimize the risks while remaining attentive to our customers,” says Ms. Bouchard, who now owns two storefront stores. 

La second branch of Mlle et Coco is newly installed at 325, rue du Marais, in Quebec City, in a space four times larger than the previous address, in Lebourgneuf.  

“It's been a year that we were looking for a new location,” says Ms. Bouchard.  

The inauguration of this new store took place yesterday. Among the new items, the store offers used maternity clothes, which fills a need, according to the co-owner. 

A few figures

“From the very beginning, our corporate mission has been to reuse clothes for children aged 0 to 12. Since our first day of opening, we have always had in mind that we wanted to make customers aware of the reuse of clothing. They are not worn for so long that they can be given a second and even a third life,” adds Ms. Bouchard. 

According to Équiterre, world textile production has doubled over the past 15 last years. Nearly 4% of the world's water reserves are used to produce clothing. 

RECYC-QUÉBEC estimates that more than 12 kg of clothing per person is thrown in the trash every year.&nbsp ;

In Quebec, nearly 287,000 tonnes were sent for disposal in 2019-2020, an increase of 78% compared to 2011. 

Quebec products

Mlle et Coco buys used clothes from individuals who are carefully selected. Sellers receive a check or store credit. Over the years, the store has added strings to its bow.

It offers a variety of Quebec products, games, body care products, and accessories. The boutique also sells samples of new children's clothing, in addition to new and used maternity clothing. 

Ms. online sales, intends to focus its efforts on encouraging the public to adopt even more the reuse of clothing.  

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