‘Miss Belarus’ elected a member of Parliament, accused The Times of lying because of their relations with Lukashenka (PHOTO)

'Мисс Беларусь', избранная депутатом парламента, обвинила The Times во лжи из-за своих отношений с Лукашенко (ФОТО)

Elected member of the house of representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus (the lower chamber of Republican Parliament) of the new convocation, “Miss Belarus-2018” Maria Vasiljevic in his blog on Instagram accused the British newspaper the Times to publish “false facts”. Criticism was article in which relations of Belarusian beauties with President Alexander Lukashenko served as a romantic.

“I am for freedom of speech. But be kind to be responsible for every word you say. Especially if you are a journalist. Especially if you are a journalist of a leading newspaper, wrote Vasilevich. For more hype, high ratings, to form pleasing for someone of public opinion, the journalists viewed the situation as required by their tasks. Can we then call them journalists? How then can we know the truth? And who do we trust if even the world famous publication allows itself to publish false facts… is This professional journalism?”

She also notes that “journalism is not about “for” and “against” is not the personal attitude of the journalist towards a particular fact. “A journalist’s goal is not to try to convince and to impose on society their opinions, and to convey objective information. But we have a different situation – the journalism of opinions,” dismayed the people’s darling.

The message is also duplicated in English. And in the end the question of the professionalism of the journalist addressed to The Times, reports “Interfax”.

Monday, November 18, the Times newspaper published a big article dedicated to the last elections of deputies of the Parliament in Belarus. In addition to assessing election results, there is also talks about the youngest MP of the country – a 22-year-old beauty Queen Maria Vasilevich, which sometimes appears at formal and informal events, where there is a 65-year-old President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko, whom the British newspaper calls “a long-term dictator.” The author of the article in The Times also claims that Lukashenko and Vasiljevic are in a romantic relationship.

Lukashenko and Vasiljevic visited the state festivals, hockey games and football world Cup 2018 in Russia. The Times argues that Lukashenko has awarded Vasilevich state medal for contribution to culture and philanthropy, and personally watched her preparation for the contest “Miss world – 2018”. She took third place.

The publication notes that became the Deputy Maria Vasilevich has no political experience. In the House of representatives of the National Assembly, she intends to attract attention to the problems of youth.

Observers say that in the parliamentary elections in Belarus in the lower house was not one opposition candidate. They were screened during registration and the campaign period. International experts called the election undemocratic.

Lukashenko himself with an air of calm said that the success of the opposition in the parliamentary elections was not interested. “What’s the difference to the President, there will be three or four rabid opposition or not?” he said.

Alexander Lukashenko has ruled Belarus for 25 years – longer than any other leader in Europe. His political opponents disappeared under mysterious circumstances that have not been investigated still, according to “the Present time”.

Beauties and the President

About the personal life of the President is little known. His 64-year-old wife Galina Lukashenko lives in the village Ryzhkovichi Shklov district in a private house behind a high fence. In the network there is only a single interview she gave in 2005 to the edition “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus”. At that time, she worked as a chief specialist at the health improvement and sanatorium treatment at the Shklov district Executive Committee. Even earlier, in 1998, it was reported that she headed the health Department in the administration of Mogilev region. On the question of why he lives separately from her husband, she said, “I myself chose this life.”

Lukashenko married since 1975, but with his wife it is not seen in public since he became President in 1994.

Shortly after the first election, Lukashenko demanded that he found a personal physician. The then Minister of health, Inessa Drobyshevskaya picked a candidate – endocrinologist of the 9-th Republican clinical hospital, 29-year-old native of Brest Irina Abelskaya. She began to accompany the first face is everywhere – on working meetings, business trips, on vacation.

In 2001, the mistress of the head of state took the position of chief physician at the hospital of the office of the President, and her mother, Ludmila pastayalka, was appointed Minister of health. The presence of private relations with Irina Lukashenko did not advertise, while in 2004, the woman gave birth to son Nicholas.

First, the existence of “heir” Lukashenko hiding, but then began appearing with him in public. From a young age the boy showed political ambitions. One day he bit through my hand to the flight attendant because she wouldn’t let him close the door to the plane, wrote “Kommersant”. Angry, the boy shouted: “When I become Minister, then you will be shot”.

During the military exercises “West 2009” Russian President Dmitry Medvedev presented a Golden gun kole.Lukashenka himself has publicly named son as his “successor”.

After birth If Irina Abelskaya for some unknown reason fell out of favor: in 2007, 36 days after the death of Ludmila pastayalka, Irina dismissed the chief physician and for several years she worked as a specialist normal office ultrasound. There were also rumours that she was not allowed to see my son.

In September 2009, Irina Abelskaya once again led the Republican hospital of the Department of presidential Affairs, and after the election in 2015 she attended the inauguration at the invitation of Lukashenko. In 2018 he awarded her the Medal of Honor.

The press also wrote that in 2007, when Abelskaya fell into disgrace, Lukashenka has had a warm relationship with a 30-year-old pop singer Irina Dorofeeva. The President personally approved the state program “Irina Dorofeyeva – face Belarus.” Then the images of the actress appeared on the streets of Minsk, on packs, on hats. She accompanied the President on vacation in Sochi. Birthday Dorofeeva gave Lukashenko a song “angel my incomparable, unearthly and unreal”.

Dorofeeva is not a “face of Belarus”, but still stands at almost every public event. In addition, in 2016, she became a member of the house of representatives of the National Assembly of the VI convocation. Also Dorofeeva since 2013 member of the public Council of the Ministry of interior.

Alexander Lukashenko has always been dedicated to beauty contests and their participants, noted Belsat TV.

Back in 1998 (then took the first contest “Miss Belarus”), he posed for photos with Svetlana Kruk, hugged the girl’s waist. Then she studied at a teacher of mathematics at Grodno University. For the contest, the winner got $ 300 prize and an electric kettle.

In 2002, Lukashenko was interested in “Miss Russia” Svetlana Koroleva, who also won the title “Miss Europe”. In 2003, “Belorusskaya Delovaya Gazeta” reported that Lukashenko personally invited her to Minsk, the whole day she spent in the residence, and when she wanted to go on the evening train home – Lukashenko proposed to fly in the morning on his plane. Mother Svetlana later told me that the President offered the girl to stay in Belarus and lead one of the local utilities. But the Queen did not agree, and soon was married to a top Manager of “LUKOIL” and has dedicated his life to modeling business.

For the publication of the story of the Queen authorities have suspended the publication of “BDG” for 3 months – the alleged publication of “disgraced the dignity of Alexander Lukashenko.”

The festive concert on the occasion of the independence Day in 2008, Lukashenko was dancing along with 18-year-old soloist of the ensemble “Veras” Martha Golubeva. The following year, she accompanied the President on the opening of the renovated Bolshoi theater of Opera and ballet. Simultaneously with vocal career March started acting in movies and television series, mostly Russian. Today her filmography includes more than 20 dramas and romantic comedies. The head of state continued to take her into the light.

The last time the audience saw them in the final of the contest “Miss Belarus-2016”. At the same event near Lukashenko sat model and TV presenter “Belarus-1” Polina fur Coat. In 2008 she became a finalist of the national beauty contest. A short time Pauline has worked in the Protocol office of the President. They watched hockey, he attended a variety of events.

In 2016, after participating in the “Miss Belarus”, service, Protocol comes 21-year-old student of BNTU Alina Rokach.

“Queen of spring-2013” Daria Smany 2014 is accompanied by first person everywhere: sick hockey listens to the message to the people in the oval room, attend all-Belarusian Assembly and at the inauguration.

During a visit to Kazakhstan, Lukashenka has invited President Nursultan Nazarbayev to kiss Many. “Kiss! What are you ?!” he said his colleague. He, however, refused the offer, hand picked and twice scrolled a finger in the air, saying, “after” or “passed”. After this episode, caught on video, there was speculation that Nazarbayev and Many already knew before.

“I explain it as a symbolic transfer of the night of one suzerain to another. Right is exercised over a beautiful slave. It is a gift. Inanimate, but beautiful, new gift that can speak, – commented on the incident, the journalist and feminist Svetlana Course. – Such gifts are normal and are common for all the transformations of Patriarchy. When you carry anywhere as a beautiful decoration and others propose “tillage” for a kiss is an extreme manifestation of this ugly and backward phenomenon”.