Miss Ukraine universe told how to apply to plastic surgery

The other day decided the winner of the beauty contest Miss Ukraine universe 2019 — she was a 26-year-old Anastasia Saturday from the city of Zaporozhye. Red beauty specialty web designer, but have many years working as a professional model. In an interview to “KP in Ukraine” the girl said, as relates to plastic surgery and whether she resorted to the services of this kind.

Мисс Украина Вселенная рассказала, как относится к пластическим операциям

Anastasia says that she’s all natural and it is nothing in itself has not changed, not pricked and not increased.

“No, I didn’t do anything. Only protonemal the hair to the face was fresh. I don’t even have lash extensions, nails and everything else. Your all natural,” says the girl.

However, she has nothing against such procedures in General and believes that this is a personal choice of every woman.

“I don’t even know what to say. Everyone has their own vision of beauty, peace and beauty concept. If earlier people were more in natural beauty, now pay attention to different women. I’m for natural beauty. But if someone can cover the breast augmentation cost, then why not. It’s their choice. I believe that they can participate in beauty contests. We don’t know the whole story, maybe she made them a chest, or she had obvious shortcomings”, — said the beauty Queen.

Saturday also revealed their parameters: “the Growth of my 175 cm I Weigh 58 kilograms. Chest 68, waist 62, hips 93. “A” Cup size”.

The winner of Miss Ukraine universe 2019 will represent his native country at the international Miss universe contest, which will be held in Los Angeles (USA).