Missing Instagram model found in the desert

The body of missing 24-year-old Instagram model Esmeralda Gonzalez found in the middle of the Nevada desert. The girl was in a box filled with concrete.

Пропавшую Instagram-модель нашли в пустыне

Esmeralda had disappeared 5 months ago, in may, reports The Sun.

As has established a consequence, on the day of death the girl was together with his friend 45-year-old Christopher Prestipino. Together they had used methamphetamine, besides Esmeralda, as the investigators suggest, suffered from mental disorders.

Under the influence of drugs Esmeralda and Christopher had an argument, after which the man hit her. Then tried to choke — on the body found the signs. To fully deal with the girl, Prestipino poisoned her with a means for cleaning swimming pools, which entered with a syringe.

The body was filled in with concrete, and then driven out into the desert on a removable truck there and left.

Now Christopher was detained along with his 31-year-old girl Lisa mort that covers the killer.