“Mister Halloween” for 25 years


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Halloween, for ordinary mortals, is a party. For Montrealer Jarrett Mann, it's a vocation. 

His passion for the “Day of the Dead” has even earned him… a career! 

Mr. Mann organized Halloween parties so successful, starting in 1997, that the metropolis's theaters wanted to recruit him. 

Jarrett Mann's Halloween parties in Montreal have already brought together nearly a thousand costumed participants, and it gives good pictures.

At the age of 25, in 2002, “Monsieur Halloween” was already in charge of programming at Club Soda. It was launched.

“At first, I just wanted to organize a good Halloween party, but it went further than expected! says Mr. Mann, laughing.

This Anglophone from Deux-Montagnes has always attended French-language school.

He even has a special affection for the films of his youth ( like Back to the Future or Ghostbusters) dubbed in French dripping with Parisian slang. 

“Halloween is my time marker in life. It replaces my birthday. »

When the pandemic prevented his big annual party two years in a row, Jarrett Mann took it as a sabbatical:

“Normally, with everything I organize, it's the mad rush 7/7 days, it never stops until Halloween… And then I could see the leaves and pick apples! »

Last Saturday, Montreal had its traditional big Halloween party, so it was madness again for Mr. Mann.

Old School< /em>

This year's Halloween party was called Old School(“Old-Fashioned”) and drew on themes from 1980s and 1990s cinema. musical duel with the repertoires of these decades. »

All tickets were already sold out a few days before the event, which was taking place at the Théâtre Plaza, on Plaza Saint-Hubert.

These parties are almost always full house, so you have to plan a little in advance. You'll find out for next year.

A festival around the party

This year, Mr. Mann, a graduate in film studies from the University of Montreal, produced the 21st version of the festival of unusual short films SPASM, which he himself founded.

The SPASM Festival fills rooms with enthusiastic people who shout, who laugh, who applaud genre films made by young Quebec filmmakers.

Pumpkin on the head, Jarrett Mann, Mr. Halloween, poses for the poster of his unusual film festival, SPASM.

It was initially to flesh out his infamous Halloween party that Mr. Mann wanted to present horror movies the day before, but this cinematic hors d'oeuvre soon became bigger and more important than the party itself. -even.

After several years at the head of the CISM university radio and the organization KINO, Mr. Mann started a new job as director of the Modern Cinema, a new independent room of 55 places provided with a coffee -bar, on boulevard Saint-Laurent. 

This Halloween fanatic suggests a way to avoid moving up or postponing this holiday if it falls on a Monday:

“Let All Saints’ Day [November 1] become a statutory holiday! »

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