Mistress Whitney Houston for the first time told the whole truth about their relationship (photos)

Любовница Уитни Хьюстон впервые рассказала всю правду об их отношениях (фото)

The legendary American singer Whitney Houston, apparently, there were secrets still nobody knew. Only now, nearly eight years after the sudden death of the pop diva, her best friend Robin Crawford decided to tell the truth about Whitney. For many, her story may seem shocking.

Crawford released a book of memoirs called “a Song for you: My life with Whitney Houston.” A memoir destined to become a bestseller. Robin now gives interviews to various American publications. The sound of her name all over the news.

Любовница Уитни Хьюстон впервые рассказала всю правду об их отношениях (фото)Book cover “a Song for you: My life with Whitney Houston”

Houston was two years younger than Crawford. They met at a summer camp in new Jersey, when Robin was 19 years old. “We wanted to be together. Happened”, said Crawford in an interview with People magazine.

“The physical part of our friendship also had a place, and she was beautiful. Like we went on a long journey”, — says Robin.

Girl first kiss in the house Whitney. They returned from camp, and Houston invited a new friend to her. “We talked and talked. And then suddenly our faces were facing each other very close. The first kiss was long and stringy like honey. When we broke apart, my heart was pounding like crazy. Between us, clearly something happened”, recalls Crawford.

Любовница Уитни Хьюстон впервые рассказала всю правду об их отношениях (фото)Whitney Houston and Robin Crawford

A few days later they were at a friend’s house. Stayed there that night. “We shot everything for the first time, touched each other. I’m talking about intimate touching. Caress her, love her, was wonderful”, says Robin.

However, in 1982, the Whitney decided to end their physical proximity. She mentioned this to Robin and explained the reason. Houston signed its first contract. It was the record company Arista. “She knew the truth about her complicated things would be if about it someone found out. If it goes public, there will be those who will want to use it against us.”, — recalls Crawford. People had already begun to suspect something. For example, Whitney’s mother Cissy Houston one time said to them: “It is not normal when two women there is such proximity!”

Любовница Уитни Хьюстон впервые рассказала всю правду об их отношениях (фото)

I loved Whitney, she loved me. We are not hung up on our relationship no labels. Lesbians and the like. We were each other’s closest and loyal people on the planet. And as such remained until the death of Whitney”, says Crawford.

Robin says that vain people accuse ex-husband of Whitney and Bobby brown in that he allegedly got her hooked on drugs. According to Crawford, Houston tried some of them long before Dating with brown. “Together, we sometimes used drugs. Can’t say that I’m proud of it…” admits Robin.

However, brown, who himself was an addict, did drugs an integral part of life in Houston. When Whitney was going to marry him, some of her friends who knew Bobby tried to dissuade her. Especially trying Eddie Murphy. The famous actor was convinced the Houston marriage to brown is a mistake. But she did not listen.

Another statement regarding Whitney is, according to Robin, a myth. In a documentary about Houston, which was released some time ago, said that the singer seduced her cousin Dee Dee Warwick when Whitney was just a child. “If it were true, I would know about it. We Whitney didn’t hide anything from each other. Part and openly talked about our families. She was very close with his family Warwick, loved them sincerely. And Dee Dee were great. Whitney definitely would have told me if it was something like” — sure, Robin Crawford.

Recall, Whitney Houston was the owner of over 400 different music awards, including seven Grammy awards and 22 American music awards (AMA). Drives her records have sold 55 million copies. Houston is 34th in the list of the 100 greatest artists of American magazine Rolling Stone.

Whitney was found dead on 11 February 2012 in a hotel room in Beverly hills on the eve of the 54th ceremony of “Grammy”, where she was to speak. The singer was in the tub with water. Examination showed that Houston had drowned. The reason was loss of consciousness caused by the consumption of cocaine, marijuana, muscle relaxant and anti-allergic drug. Death was classified as an accident. Whitney was 48 years old.

She is survived by her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, born in marriage with Bobby brown. 31 January 2015 she was found in bathtub unconscious. Bobbi Kristina brown, died July 26, 2015, after spending nearly six months in a coma.

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