MLB: Phillies go to World Series

MLB: Phillies go to World Series


The Phillies continued their unexpected run Sunday in Philadelphia, beating the San Diego Padres 4-3 to earn a ticket to the World Series.

The Pennsylvania team will be making their first appearance in the major league finals since 2009, when they lost to the New York Yankees. She had triumphed the previous year. 

The Phillies had nevertheless shown an 87-75 record in the regular season. They are not very far from the record of the worst record in the World Series, held by the New York Mets of 1973 (82-79).

Sunday, it is a Bryce Harper homer in eighth round that made the difference. His two-point slap turned a one-point deficit into a one-point lead.

Ranger Suarez then made the final two outs of the game to confirm the five-game victory for his team.< /p>

Rhys Hoskins also sent the ball into the stands for the local favourites. His strike opened the scoring in the third round at bat. A solo slap from Juan Soto, a double from Josh Bell then a bad throw from Seranthony Dominguez, however, temporarily reversed the situation.

Rob Suarez (0-1) was on the mound during the Harper homer , thus suffering the fatal defeat for the formation of California. José Alvarado (1-0) meanwhile signed his very first career victory in the playoffs.

The World Series will begin Friday, at the home of the New York Yankees or the Houston Astros, vying for the American League title.