Moble runawa s Lewandowski have gonc for “Gold boot-2020”

Іммобіле зрівнявся з Левандовським у гонці за "Золоту бутсу-2020"

Naperedodni zavershilsya the 36-th round Car And, the results yakogo itsuno viznachennya winner persist – it udev the ive popl – 36 times in history became “Juventus”.

Zaznaczono scho for “sriblo” razgorelas garstka borotba – lachey point dockrell narazi other “Inter” from “Atalanta” sincere Ukrainian Ruslan Malinovskogo I “Lazio”.

By the way, the Romans sviy match was conducted at Veron I googlise Peremogi – 5:1. A hat-trick vjnetcast lder attacks “orlv” CRO Moble.

So, 30-rcni talci naslovna fields Robert Levanovskogo, that vystupa for Bayern in Ganz for the “Gold boot” 2020 rock obidva futbolli scored 34 Goli.

Zaznaczono scho competitor CRO I Robert Krustyu Ronaldo also vjnetcast resultatives a blow from campostoma match against “Sandor” (2:0), Douwe number of their Golf have season Ser And 32.

Have match s genueztsami Portugalete mg oformiti take, but in the 89th Guilin, wykonawcy penalt, VDPAU m Yach from the crossmember.

Varto of dodati scho in Ganz for the “Gold boot” for LG zastosovuyutsya rsni coefcient: goal topls – 2 points in Ls slabshie (eg UPL) – 1.5 points, nikabrik Championships dorny 1 goal 1 point.

Promini result:

  • 1. Robert Lewandowski (Bavaria, Germany) – 34 paupers, 68 points (completed)
  • 1. CRO Moble (Lazio, Italy) – 34 paupers, 68 points
  • 3. Krustyu Ronaldo (Juventus, Italy) – 31 goal, 62 Bali
  • 4. Timo Werner (Leipzig, Germany) – 28 Golf, 56 points (completed)
  • 5. Erling Holland (Dortmund, Germany) – 29 Galv, 50 points (completed)
  • 5. Lionel Mess (Barcelona, Spania) – 25 Galv, 50 points (completed)
  • 7. Romelu Lukaku (Inter, Italy) – 23 guoli, 46 points
  • 8. Jam Ward (Leicester, England) – 23 guoli, 46 points (completed)