Moby has made a huge tattoo on his hands to protect animals

Popular foreign artist Moby made his hands huge tattoo. There are two inscriptions indicating the position of the musician regarding the protection of animals. The photo appeared in the profile of a celebrity in the social network Instagram.

Moby сделал огромные татуировки на руках в защиту животных

On Russian language the inscription translates as “animal rights”. In comments to the post Moby noted that in November will mark 32 years since he decided to become a vegan. To celebrate this date, the artist decided to do technically 12 tattoos.

Moby сделал огромные татуировки на руках в защиту животных

After the advent of photography many members supported the position of the Moby. They thanked the celebrity for his active position. Among the followers there were those who confused the kind of tattoo that looks like, though massive, but very simple.

Moby recently demonstrated another tattoo made on the neck. There is the usual font-Vegan For Life. Note that four years ago he opened a restaurant for vegans, the menu is impossible to find meat and dairy products.