Model-transgender Valentine Sampaio graced the cover of ELLE

Valentine Sampaio today’s hearing. A few months ago 22-year-old model shocked the fashion world, becoming the first transgender model signed the contract with Victoria’s Secret. The girl took part in the filming of the youth line Pink. This event was a breakthrough for both of the Valentina, which became a symbol of equality of models, regardless of their gender and somewomen and brand, which is now experiencing not the best times.

Модель-трансгендер Валентина Сампайо украсила обложку ELLE

As you know, mark flatly refused to invite transgender and models plus-size. This fact also negatively affected the reputation of the brand, which was accused of conservatism and unwillingness to adapt to global trends.

Although to walk the runway of the famous brand in this year it will not happen – the organizers of Victoria’s Secret cancelled the show, career girl sharply went to the mountain. Valentine began to cooperate with many other companies and shoot for glossy magazines.

Recently the French version of ELLE magazine has introduced a new issue, the cover of which was decorated with Valentine. “Valentine Sampaio on the cover of the magazine ELLE, which comes out this week, transsexual supermodel, a symbol of the era,” wrote representatives of the publication on his page in Instagram. The girl also managed to put the cover and

For photoshoots, Valentina picked up the outfits that best emphasized her femininity and beauty. On the cover she tried on a black jumpsuit with one shoulder and holding a black clutch. On the other photo she has tried a lot of other stylish outfits: wide silk trousers and a bright red Chanel sweater, which complements orange handbag with chain; trousers with a print “a goose pad” and a luxurious black-and-white blouse in peas. Added images of styling-wave, and makeup in gentle tones. Images gathered rave reviews from subscribers girls.