Mogilev played a spectacular room with Vlad Yama

Natalia Mogilev became the star guest of the eleventh live broadcast of Dancing with the stars 2019. She not only went to the floor with his “first dancing master” and former project partner, choreographer Vlad Yama, but also made a sudden confession of love to your soul mate!

Могилевская исполнила эффектный номер с Владом Ямой

Before a bright room pair Vlad decided on some revelations about the past and remembered the distant 2006, when the singer first came to the floor of Dancing with the stars. For example, he noted that the Natalya “jumped into the last car” — she had replaced the suddenly retired comedian Vladimir Moiseenko, who injured his back.

Also the singer personally chose the partner, and Vlad were several competitors. She recorded a CD with potential partners for a dance and decided to ask the opinion of the environment, who does she prefer.

“I’m a little afraid of her. We danced slow waltz, and she began to jump, to have fun. I don’t remember where I got the strength to say, “Or what we’re doing or are you joking?” — says the choreographer.

“If we had with Natalia having an affair? Yes. Of course, was” suddenly shocked by the revelation of Vlad.

The actress appeared before the audience in a spectacular red dress with high slits at the sides and wide sleeves, generously decorated with palettes. She performed his hit “the dance” and then circled the floor with Vlad Yama.

After atmospheric Natalia thanked Vlad and presented a huge bouquet to the legend of ballroom dancing and a fourth special judge project Gregory Chapkis.

In addition, the singer presented a new song in the Ukrainian language under the title “was Pochala”, and after the rooms are decided on a sudden Declaration of love.

“This premiere is dedicated to the man. I met a heart that I loved. He’s not in this room, it is very far away. I’m waiting, love and remember your words: “do not be afraid and do not worry, because the most important thing has already happened – we already met,” with a happy smile she said.