Mold: is it possible just to cut off the damaged part of the product?

Many believe that in order to rid the product from mould, just enough to remove the corrupted part. But you can’t do with all products.

Плесень: можно ли просто отрезать испорченную часть продукта?

Sometimes one finds in his refrigerator products with mold. There is a perception that the product from the mold it is possible to eat by removing the “damaged” part. But actually this is not true.

When molds begin to spread, they scatter spores, and in the process of their life produce toxins. Both apply the product. Especially for products having a high moisture content and porous structure. So bread, fruit and ready meals with mold should be immediately send to the trash – circumcision will not help you to get rid of mold.

The product on which the acceptable appearance of white mould, this cheese. Due to the low moisture content and compact structure of the piece will not be quickly affected by mildew. Therefore, moldy cheese can be saved, cutting off from it not only the plot with mold, but also about a centimeter around.

And the main secret is that if you don’t see mold, it does not mean that it is not. If the product were a few days and looks fine, smell it. The emergence of odors may indicate deterioration and the smell of mustiness shows the development of mold. This product better not to drink.