Molle Twist Vanilla-Vanilla: the next new festive song from Bleu Jeans Bleu

Molle Twist Vanille-Vanille: Bleu Jeans Bleu's next new festive song< /p> UPDATE DAY

The eccentric Bleu Jeans Bleu quartet is back with a festive and crazy piece titled Molle Twist Vanille-Vanille which will be released on the platforms on September 16th. 

Like their first earworm released in the spring of 2019 Coton Ouaté and then, J'te gâte all dressed, the song Molle Twist Vanille-Vanille by Bleu jeans Bleu only needs a only listening to stay in the lead! We love its rhythm, its wacky lyrics and its yéyé air that makes you dance and smile.

“I admit that I am the conservative type when it comes to my taste buds, they sing. You can judge me as much as you want but it's me who decides, No matter how much we invent a thousand and one new exotic flavors, I'm still going to take a soft vanilla-vanilla twist.&nbsp ;»