Mom Jaroslava Maguchy: “there was one moment when she thought to leave the sport”

Мама Ярославы Магучих: «Был один момент, когда дочка думала оставить спорт»

Ukrainian rider Yaroslav Maguchy won a silver medal at the world Championships in athletics, currently held in Qatar. 18-year-old Yaroslav the third attempt took the height of 2.04 meters, setting a new world record among juniors. The trainer of the sportswoman Tatyana Stepanova offered Maguchy to stop by 2.02, but Yaroslav took the risk and conquered the height.

I must have had some adrenaline played, — admitted to Yaroslav after the jump. — Want to jump even higher to 2.04 meters. Why not? Tried took. When I jump of 2.04 meters, I realized — that’s cool. Knew it would be difficult. But I am so happy after your jumps! Defeated itself!

Yaroslav national team of Ukraine on athletics flew to Qatar on September 24. Her mother, Olga G. was with her daughter in constant communication. And in the night from 30 September to 1 October, when the competition was held in Doha, the whole family Maguchy awake, clinging to the TV screen. In the morning in his native Dnipropetrovsk school, where Olga G. is a physician, she received congratulations.

In an exclusive interview with “FACTS” Olga Maguchy, mother of the surrogate, told about the main dream of his daughter, her passion, and when Yaroslav wanted to leave the sport.

— Olga, I managed to speak with Yaroslava after her victory?

— You know, have not had time to hear daughter. Just sent her a message of congratulations from all of us. Immediately after you jump it with the coach went to doping control. We therefore Yaroslava just copied. And the connection there is bad. But the daughter knows that we always keep for her fists and experience. You know how we cried at home when she still took the height of 2.04 meters!

— Can you imagine!

Usually we look at competition in the high jump on the Internet, and here they were on TV. We just “stuck” to the screen. And then another many times reviewed footage of the jump Yaroslava on the Internet. Frankly, we were overwhelmed with crazy emotions. And Yaroslav itself, in my opinion, did not expect such a result.

— You think Yaroslav to continue to jump?

— It was evident that she was tired. Besides 2,04 Yaroslav took the third attempt and I think their strength is calculated. The daughter felt herself to stop. Emotions overwhelmed her. Physically be was also difficult weather conditions there are very difficult. The daughter told me that it is worth the 45-degree heat. On the street they almost did not come, the time spend in the hotel and the stadium.

— After the jump Yaroslav said that the adrenaline she rolls over.

— Yes, it was on courage. The coach Yaroslava offered her to stay at a height of 2.02. But she decided to test myself, and it worked. On the third attempt, but still could!

— As Yaroslav feel before the competition?

— She’s terribly worried. Said: “Mom, it’s my first senior world championship!” Of course, very proud of that represents the whole country. But was so worried due to the fact that will act as adults. After all, she had just turned 18 years old.

— Home was celebrated?

— Yes, and for the first time in recent years, Yaroslav celebrated his birthday at home, in the river, in the family circle. And it usually has occurred or the competition, or in trains. So her victory is a real gift for the eighteenth birthday.

— Yaroslav, who instilled a love of sports?

— You know, we have a whole family sport. I in youth athletics, the husband of a canoe. The eldest daughter Nastya, — the Vice-champion of Europe in karate. Nastya at the time also worked in the high jump. She’s older Jaroslava eight years. The youngest daughter has always been very mobile, energetic girl. She found it difficult to sit still in one place, and we decided to give it to the sport. Nastya brought her to their classes. Since this all started. However, karate Yaroslav did not like. But athletics were interested in. Although in reality she preferred not workout and workout — she was delighted that there no one stops to run and jump.

Мама Ярославы Магучих: «Был один момент, когда дочка думала оставить спорт»Yaroslav mom Olga G., father Alexey Yuryevich and sister Anastasia

— Yaroslav has always been a tall girl?

— No, when we first brought her to training, she then turned 8 years old, she was small and puny. Stretched out over the last couple of years. She’s tall, like her dad. And thin the same. In General, juniper has never had a weight problem. I ate whatever I wanted.

— Juniper was the moment when she was thinking about whether to continue to engage in sports?

— Her love for the high jump came with the arrival in school sports coach Tatiana Stepanova. Actually Yaroslav the persistent and purposeful girl, if something is decided, then so be it. However, it was still a moment when she thought to leave the sport. Just tired psychologically: the constant training, lack of rest. But Anastasia, who now works as a psychologist, talked to her, and everything was fine. I am happy that my daughters are warm, friendly relations.

— You travel with Yaroslava to the competition?

— No, she travels with a trainer or herself. Daughter is very independent. I remember the first time he went abroad at the age of 13. It was a competition in Poland where she took second place. By the way, for the first time, Yaroslav was celebrating his birthday with family. I know that she doesn’t want her in the competition went someone from the family. Said: “Mom, otherwise I’m even more worry and nervous.” A daughter just knows that we are always with her mentally is always there.

In an interview, Yaroslav admitted that they do not become an athlete, would devote his life to art.

— She since the childhood liked to draw, and it was good. Even participated in a few contests from the school. But then I had to choose: art or sport. Yaroslav and now draws, but rarely, because of free time she has almost none.

— What will you treat your daughter when she comes home?

— Let’s have a feast! Bake your favorite pies and Yaroslava cake. Will make chicken chop.

— You know you dream about the daughter?

— Yaroslav wants to buy a separate apartment, to become a coach and win at the Olympic games. True of sportsmen does not dream about that?!

We will remind, earlier Maguchy Yaroslav took third place at the seventh stage of the Diamond League in Stanford (USA).

Yaroslav Maguchy also best performed at the European championship U-20 athletics Championships that took place in the Swedish Boras.

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