Moments of tenderness: Naomi watts out walking with her son Sammy

One may argue about the methods of upbringing Naomi watts and the degree of freedom it provides to my son in choosing clothes. But the fact that it is first and foremost a loving mother — not to cancel.

Моменты нежности: Наоми Уоттс на прогулке с сыном Сэмми

The last few days Naomi watts has been busy filming the long-awaited prequel to “Game of thrones”, about the Targaryen dynasty. And your first weekend spent together with her son, 10-year-old Sammy.

Моменты нежности: Наоми Уоттс на прогулке с сыном Сэмми

Naomi with a son the paparazzi caught in new York. Walking down the street, they held hands and enjoyed the warm fall day and each other’s company. For a walk the actress chose a casual casual — denim skirt, white hoodie and sneakers to match. Sammy, preferring girlish dresses, this time changed favorite gentle tone to a more brutal. Loose t-shirt color khaki and gray-blue pants he combined with gold sandals and a green bag-sopera. From the decorations left only one ring. And long blond hair gathered into a tight beam. He was more like a girl.

However, most Naomi doesn’t care what they say about her son. She supports Sammy in all his experiments with a wardrobe. And, do not hesitate to demonstrates her motherly love on people.