Moms of triplets, they have to forego a salary for lack of childcare places

Mothers of triplets, they have to forego a salary for lack of childcare places


A couple from Saint-Honoré, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, who had three beautiful babies, had to resign themselves to the idea of ​​finding a place in daycare, forcing one of the two mothers to give up their jobs. 

Nykia and Laurence's daily life has changed for about 11 months. While Laurence works, Nykia takes care of their three children full time at home, due to a lack of childcare space.

“We have to forego a salary so that I can stay home with the children because we don't have daycare and we don't think we'll have any before they go to school either. It is still complicated at the moment to find places in a family environment because they do not accept three babies, ”explained Nykia Rossignol.

The couple must therefore turn to private daycare centers or early childhood centers (CPE), but the possibilities are even more limited and the waiting lists are getting longer.

“They prioritize the siblings so we always go to the end of the list. They have been registered in the 0-5 square for almost two years,” she says.

No government assistance

If mothers had daycare places for their babies, they would be entitled to a subsidy paid by the government of approximately $30,000 a year… But not in this case.

“We have nothing for them to be guarded by me. The pennies that the government would still give to our family, it should give them to us so that we can stay at home with a single salary that is not easy. We have expenses for three children, but a salary less,” said Nykia.

Nykia and Laurence even had to move into a new residence that they had built so that it could be fully adapted to the needs of their three children.

A little respite

The two mothers have appealed to everyone via their Instagram account “Triple.a.deux” for the help of a babysitter in order to have a little respite. They can now count on the help of Karine . An osteopath by profession, she leaves her clinic once a week to give them a hand.

“I say to myself at one, it's one thing, but at three, it's terrible . Me, it's really like a surge of the heart that makes me here today. Everything is increasing and they have no help,” said Karine Joseph.

“We really live from day to day. With only one salary, it's really difficult at the moment, we have a lot of expenses. There should be a contingency plan at this time. We honestly hope that the government will do something for families like us”, wishes the young mother.

A new measure that would make all the difference in the daily life of Nykia and Laurence and that would change the life of many other families living the same reality across Quebec.