Monarchy in Britain: the rebellion is already fomenting

Monarchy in Britain: Rebellion is already fomenting< /p> UPDATE DAY

LONDON | The movement opposing the monarchy in Great Britain intends to take advantage of the arrival of Charles III on the throne to revive its fight against the institution.

A copy of the royal proclamation which was read.

“There will be several months before his coronation, and it will be an opportunity to debate it and push our ideas forward […]. Charles is much easier to criticize and question,” said Republic organization spokesperson Graham Smith.

to democracy” the proclamation of Saturday and the automatic accession to the throne. 

Many British subjects gathered outside St. James's Castle to hear the royal proclamation.

Even though he officially became king upon the death of the queen and proclaimed as such on Saturday in front of dignitaries, the public coronation will take place several months from now.

The monarchy has no legislative powers , but the king remains the head of state. According to Mr. Smith, this hereditary power means that the royal family is not accountable for how it uses its privileges or manages its expenses.

An officer of the royal household read in front of the Royal Exchange in London the proclamation confirming that Charles III is now king.

Heavy baggage

“Charles comes with heavy baggage and people are not as attached to him,” he continues, adding that the queen served as shield from the escapades of his family members.

Although Charles III has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years, his stormy divorce from Diana and his infidelities have tarnished his reputation. 

< p>Before the death of his mother, the police also promised to investigate the donations that his foundation would have received from billionaires of Saudi Arabia in exchange for royal honors.

This spring, an Ipsos poll relayed by various media pointed out that only half of Britons thought he would make a good king.

But several Britons who came to St. James's Palace on Saturday for the proclamation boasted to the Journalthe new king's past commitments to the environment.

Soldiers of the Coldstream Guard raised their hats to greet the new king.

“A farce”

“It's a farce”, believes Mr. Smith, as much by the proximity of Charles III to the oil fortunes of the Saudi Arabia than for its private jet lifestyle.

Despite the mourning that the whole nation is currently experiencing, “the vast majority of citizens continue to go about their business,” continues the spokesperson for Republic.

Although the Selfridges department store closed for a day on Friday and Fortnum & Mason have blackened their windows following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the British capital is buzzing with activity. 

All shops, restaurants and performance halls remain open, although some honor her memory of a poster, for example.

Charles III also sits on the throne after 73 years of waiting in difficult times. 

For Republic, the difficult winter ahead with galloping inflation in the UK will make the pomp of the monarchy hard to swallow.

The departure of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan shows what an “inflexible” institution it is, according to Mr. Smith. 

And the setbacks of Prince Andrew, who paid millions of dollars to a woman accusing him of rape, come as a reminder of the worst excesses of royalty.

Disdain for the one who ” kidnapped” their prince

LONDON | Britons at St. James's Palace, where Charles III was proclaimed king, on Saturday, roll their eyes and wrinkle their noses in disgust when they hear Meghan Markle's name.

“ I can't forgive him. I would like [le prince Harry] to find the royal family, but I don't trust her,” says Merryl Corby, 76.

“A lot of Brits feel like she kidnapped Prince Harry and sold him this California life. Him, we would like to have him back, but not her”, adds Xanthe Steen.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle slammed the door of the royal family last year to settle in the United States. United. 

In particular, they blamed the British press for numerous racist attacks and deplored a lack of support from the rest of the royal family.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry outside Windsor Castle where they waved to the crowd and watched tributes to the Queen.

A weakness

But Britons like Rhona DC see it more as a “weakness” on the part of Prince Harry. 

This latest wants the press to continue its attacks on Meghan, whom she dismisses as a “TV star.”

Some, like Elizabeth Newcombe, hope the couple's return to England for the next few days of mourning could help rebuild family ties.

'It's just too sad,' the 78-year-old pleads . 

Quartet reunited

Already, Harry and Meghan reunited with the new Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate, on Saturday at Windsor Castle . 

Together the foursome waved to the crowds and looked at the tributes to the Queen left by the British.

In his first public address, the new king and father of Harry expressed his love to the couple in their new life across the Atlantic.

Since leaving, Harry and Meghan have taken position on many political and human rights issues, which the monarchy forbids them to do.

Singing the new king

LONDON | “God save the King”, sang in chorus for the first time thousands of Britons crowded outside St. James's Palace on Saturday in London.

Charles III had just been proclaimed king before a handful of dignitaries from the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

Spectators in front of the office of the Quebec delegation in London, located opposite the palace, watched the ceremony on their phone, as it was televised for the first time.

The new king has promised to shoulder the “heavy responsibilities” of the crown and follow his mother's example.

“I brought my 12-year-old daughter with me, because it is an extremely important and emotional moment for me,” says Briton Xanthe Steen, who loves the “magical and sumptuous” side of royalty.

The national mourning, decreed by the government, must last until the day of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, on September 19.

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