MONATIK walked around Los Angeles

MONATIK (Dmitry Montik) rarely publishes photos with his wife Irina Demicheva and two sons, Daniil and Plato. Singer happy to study together with a family of beauty around the world – he admits that he wants to show the boys the main attractions of Europe and beyond. However, to show the faces of the sons Dmitri is not in a hurry – he wants Daniel and Plato themselves have expressed their desire to introduce myself to the public.

MONATIK прогулялся по Лос-Анджелесу

So, the singer with his wife and creative team went to the United States, where he made a touching picture with Irina in Sunny Los Angeles. Identical footage appeared on the pages of the artist and his wife in Instagram.

On the original photo Dmitri peeking out from behind Irene, and she takes pictures in the mirror, smiling radiantly at the camera.

As the signature, the singer decided to leave the romantic strings-hashtags of the song “Wise trees”: “Softly whisper in her hair, to weave the white strip”.

Fans of the singer were pricked in their mental picture of the happy couple. They wrote many warm words to the star family.

  • Very beautiful
  • Happiness to you
  • Favorite
  • Dmitry, You and Your family — just an example for all. Always very warm after reading the verses addressed to Your spouse. Your family – forever
  • What you cool! I love your family!
  • How sweet
  • Cool photo