Monica Bellucci with a new haircut shines on the cover of the famous gloss

Monica Bellucci showed his new work – the actress has shot for the Italian version of Elle magazine and gave a candid interview. In it, the actress told about the change of the image, and about his personal life. For example, she touched on the topic of difficult relationships with ex-husband Vincent Cassel. On the cover she appeared in a black jacket, worn on the naked body. A plain without jewelry and with light make-up, however, made it absolutely fascinating. In photoshoots she has appeared with the new short ragged haircut.

Моника Беллуччи с новой стрижкой блистает на обложке известного глянца

In conversation with the editors of the gloss she said that the main thing in her life right now – education for children – 15-year-old lady and 9-year-old Leonie. Which, incidentally, is still involved with Vincent Cassel together. But because former lover had to leave all grudges in the past, no matter how it was difficult.

“I can’t say that we’re friends, but as parents, we are with Vincent partners. At first it was very difficult, there were scandals, and misunderstandings. Now the interests of our daughters are in the first place. When Vincent in a good relationship, the girls are happy. For their sake, we have left all the wrongs of the past and try to be supportive of each other,” explained Monica.