Monkey driving and walking on Mars: 10 amazing and funny predictions about the year 2020

Making predictions, futurists rely on knowledge in sociology, Economics, physics, anthropology, and engineering. Seasoning all fantasy. Scientists sometimes she gets too far. Publication “Lifehacker” read predictions over the last 100 years and found the most amazing.

Обезьяны за рулем и прогулки по Марсу: 10 удивительных и смешных предсказаний о 2020 годе

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1. Toes will disappear

Instead of five toes on the foot will have only one. Such deformation predicted surgeon Richard Lucas in 1911 during a lecture at the Royal medical College of England. The scientist believed that people do not use toes, so over time they just grow together.

2. The fish will breed and feed in marine pens

February 25, 1966 in the journal Times published an essay “the Futurists: a look at 2000’s”. The authors believed that in the future the fish will breed on the same principle as the cattle in special pens. Also, the forecast says about the fields of algae. At these plants, apparently, was the main bet in the fight against hunger in the world. The futurists thought that the algae will grind and process wheat. And it in turn can chemically convert to receive a “taste from steak to Bourbon”. It was assumed that the submarine fields would be looked after by divers.

3. Robots will replace almost all workers

The authors of the essay also believed that the divers will be working side by side with robots. Under forecasts of futurologists, the beginning of the XXI century computers were supposed to replace not only those engaged in manual labor, but also middle managers. Work would have kept only 10% of people. Including executives who would be responsible for making key decisions and long-term policies of the companies.

4. The money will be paid just

Those futurists from the Times believed that unemployment will not leave people without money. The company will pay them for a simple. The annual income of an American is predicted in the range of 30-40 thousand dollars (all of this in idle vacillation and idleness). I wonder what people would do?

5. Monkeys will drive a car

The RAND Corporation is an American non-profit organization, which is engaged in strategic research in 1994 stated that by 2020, people will start to breed of trained monkeys. Animals will drive cars. That’s just not clear why exploit monkeys, if there are robots. Well, now that the popular unmanned vehicle, and not driving for orangutans.

6. Technology will replace people in everyday life

Scientists imagined that intelligent machines will seriously change the approach to the solution of everyday problems. For example, the process of cooking food will be fully automatic. A person will only need to make a menu for the week and buy the right products, the rest — care robots. Experts from the Stanford research Institute even visualized as mechanical hands to prepare and serve food, wash dishes, take out garbage, wash Windows and mow the grass. Slow cooker and robotic vacuum cleaners already exist, but before the complete automation of everyday life is far from us.

7. Mankind will win a cancer and viral infections

Medicine is developing fast, but still not as much as would have liked scientists in 1966. While many futurists believed that by the beginning of the XXI century bacterial and viral diseases will be virtually destroyed. But the forecast did not come true. Instead, now the whole world is watching the situation with coronavirus.

The victory was planned to win over cancer. Scientists thought that the DNA was just a few of the secrets and back to the second Millennium they’ll figure it out. So far this has not happened.

8. Tea and coffee will be out of fashion

In 1935, in the magazine Liberty Nikola Tesla was suggested that in a century people will give up tea and coffee because of their negative impact on the body. And nobody is going to force anyone, drinks just go out of fashion. But no, coffee and tea are still popular.

9. Computers will be everywhere

Not so long ago — in 1999 — the American inventor and futurist ray Kurzweil believed that within 20 years, we fully surround yourself with the computers: “They built-in all — in walls, tables, chairs, tables, ornaments for clothing and body. People use three-dimensional displays, embedded in glasses or contact lenses. The technology projects images directly onto the retina of the eye.” Kurzweil is a bit overestimated humanity.

10. You can even walk on Mars

The dreams of many futurists associated with the exploration of space, space tourism, and supersonic missiles. The Commission on space research of the National research Council of the United States in 1996 published a report. It says that in 2020 people will land on Mars. But while the Red planet conquered only unmanned Rovers.

However, there is a chance that the foot of man will set foot there in 4 years. Landed not one human, and the whole crew. That is the goal of the founder of the company SpaceX Elon musk. He plans to begin a gradual colonization of the red giant. The first stage is sending equipment to confirm the availability of water resources, identify possible dangers and to prepare the initial infrastructure for the first Martian base. The second transportation team.

The wait is long. Perhaps we will soon witness an event of historic proportions.


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