Monkeypox: 'We need to do more', says expert

Poxpox: “More needs to be done,” expert asks< /p> UPDATE DAY

While the first cases of monkeypox in the Quebec region were confirmed last week, an expert asks “to do more” and recalls that it is imperative to focus on prevention and vaccination to curb the disease.

Since the beginning of June, the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale reports having identified five cases among residents of the region. A few other cases are also under investigation. 

“For the moment, there is no community transmission, that is to say that the positive cases detected have contracted the virus from 'outside the Capitale-Nationale', reports the CIUSSS-CN.

A total of 654 area residents have received a dose of the vaccine in the past two months. A number that Dr. Réjean Thomas, president and founder of the L’Actuel medical clinic, considers insufficient.

“It’s not a lot, no. It's not a lot, compared to the population,” he believes.

Dr. Thomas strongly urges the target population to get vaccinated.

In Quebec, he It is possible to obtain a dose at the Promenades Beauport clinic and at the CLSC de la Haute-Ville. The CIUSSS-CN also notes that “appointments are filling up more quickly” since July 25.

Prevention and vaccination

Dr. Thomas recalled the importance of prevention and vaccination to control the epidemic. “We must not delay, he pleads. You really have to do as much as possible. »

Last week, the national director of public health, Dr. Luc Boileau, has rightly announced that Quebec is stepping up its vaccination efforts against monkeypox.

Access to the vaccine has thus been extended to “all men in Quebec, if they have or plan to have sex with other men. »

Dr. Boileau also indicated that the number of infected people is increasing “slowly” in the province, but that additional efforts are necessary to avoid a greater progression.

“It is really prevention, vaccination, getting an early diagnosis and isolating people as quickly as possible. Because when it leaves, it can leave quickly,” warns Dr. Thomas.

No immune region

The latter reminds us that no region is immune to the virus and that it is only a matter of time before we see it appear elsewhere in the province. 

“It is clear. In other regions of Quebec and other regions of Canada. It's a question of time. People travel, especially in the summer. »

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