Mont-Sainte-Anne: The Massif wants to help revive the mountain

Mont-Sainte-Anne: Le Massif wants to help revive the mountain< /p> UPDATE DAY

Groupe Le Massif has expressed interest in participating in the revival of Mont-Sainte-Anne, a resort that has been in decline for several years.

Without specifying that it could be his contribution, the president of HDG, the financial holding company of Daniel Gauthier, and of Groupe Le Massif, mentioned to Journalthat he wanted to discuss with the government and other partners.

“The Massif de Charlevoix is ​​very supportive of the revitalization and development of Mont-Sainte-Anne. The situation of the neighboring mountain worries us. We informed the government. We are ready to sit down around a table,” said Claude Choquette.

An interest

According to him, the potential for attractiveness can be interesting in a common marketing approach. “We have already declared our interest. In the eyes of a tourist, a destination that offers two mountains within 30 minutes is interesting. ”

Mont-Sainte-Anne: Le Massif wants to help revive the mountain

Claude Choquette
President of Le Massif Group

Groupe Le Massif believes that the future of several stations in Quebec could go through market consolidation. Ski Bromont also shares this idea, added the president of HDG. Elsewhere in the world, groupings are also multiplying.

Questioned several times about the possible purchase of Mont-Sainte-Anne by his group, Mr. Choquette did not want to comment on any assumptions despite insistence.

The solution

“Mont-Sainte-Anne is not for sale. For the moment, we have an interest in being part of the solution. I find it deplorable to see where the state of the mountain is at. We have never hidden our interest in discussing seriously between the parties to see if there would not be an objective of consolidating to enhance a common attraction. Our mission is to develop recreational tourism. »

Earlier this week, the president of the Les Amis du Mont-Saint-Anne group, Yvon Charest, expressed serious fears that the Legault government would attempt to negotiate a new agreement with the current owner RCR who has neglected the mountain for too long. A letter has been sent to Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon.

According to M. Charest, we must target Quebec investors and seriously consider expropriation. 

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